Jasna Boudard is an international multidisciplinary artist. She explores visual nuances of movement, especially of the human body and its extensions. Her work is often diary-like, revealing her journey through life and around the world.

While Jasna expresses her creativity through a multitude of media, her passion is photography. Through the camera, she captures fleeting moments by framing reality as a celebration. Whether her creations are orchestrated or witnessed, she works organically by collaborating with what life brings her. She often features dancers and performers, capturing their bodies in motion and highlighting the beauty of movement. This practice has led her to experiment with the moving image and video, and to transform her work into immersive experiences.

Jasna is half French / half Bangladeshi, and has migrated extensively throughout the world. She lived in Paris, Tangiers, Dhaka, Dallas, Barcelona, Tokyo, and is currently based in New York City.